Introducing VPJet4.0 Vertical Wall Printer

The best Epson print head modified wall printer


CMYKW LED UV curable vertical wall printer, boasting exceptional cost-effectiveness, outperforming similar products in both quality and performance.


The VPXFP is an accessory for the DXonJet wall printer that converts it into a floor printing machine. It utilizes the printer head unit and main case from DXonJet wall printers, making it convenient, simple to assemble, and cost-effective.

Inspire Your Creativity

See how we and our customers come up with new ideas through wall printing and sparking creativity!

Why DxonJet ?

The brand-new VPJet series vertical wall printer is manufactured with industrial-grade quality standards and incorporates practical usage experiences from up to 400 customers in its design and production. We would be delighted to address any uncertainties you may have regarding the vertical wall printer.


We have applied for patents in the areas of appearance, design, utility model, and invention.

Design and Manufacturing

400+ design drawings, mold-making core components , automate processing, ensuring industrial-grade quality.

Program and Software

The printing electronics and software have been jointly developed with reputed companies, ensuring stable performance and powerful features.

Training Course

We offer comprehensive and diverse training programs which can either take place at the factory or through remote video conferencing.

Technical Support

12 months warranty period and 24 hour * 7 days aftersales support. Remote troubleshooting and provide original manufacturer parts delivered by express.

Cooperative Partners

How Wall Printer Works?

Watch our video tutorials and learn how does DxonJet Wall Printer Work. All of our customers will get comprehensive training and lifelong technical support service.

Explain The Wall Printing Process Step by Step | VPJet4.0 Wall Printer

How to Maintain A UV Wall Printer?

Operation Tutorial | VPJet4.0 UV Wall Printer

Auto-Maintenance Program| VPJet 4.0 Vertical Wall Printer


About DXonJet

DXonJet Co Ltd. is the most professional Chinese manufacturer of high-resolution industrial printers. The company specializes in InkJet Vertical Wall Printers and direct-to-packaging printing. 

Our client guidance aims to innovate, with a key focus on inkjet technology viewed as a symphony achieved through the harmonious interaction of design, mechanics, electronics, and software, with particular expertise in color management. 

Ongoing improvement is also a priority, as the company strives to achieve sustainability objectives in its equipment, components, and consumables. 

The team of professionals at DXonJet is characterized by a commitment to ongoing training, integration into automated engineering, and the ability to perform excellent printing on any substrate and in any size, demonstrating differential skills and abilities.

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