"We build machines that print, we are not in the business of manufacturing spare parts."

About DXonJet 

DXonJet Co Ltd. is the most professional Chinese manufacturer of high-resolution industrial printers. The company specializes in InkJet Vertical Wall Printers and direct-to-packaging printing. 

Our client guidance aims to innovate, with a key focus on inkjet technology viewed as a symphony achieved through the harmonious interaction of design, mechanics, electronics, and software, with particular expertise in color management. 

Ongoing improvement is also a priority, as the company strives to achieve sustainability objectives in its equipment, components, and consumables. 

The team of professionals at DXonJet is characterized by a commitment to ongoing training, integration into automated engineering, and the ability to perform excellent printing on any substrate and in any size, demonstrating differential skills and abilities.


Contact us

3rd Floor, Building 4, No. 117, Buyue Road, Qiaolin Street, Pukou District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China

+86 159 5205 1055

Our Story

  • 20112011

    The founder of DXonJet started to develop the first generation of vertical wall printers in China. This product was not yet available in the Chinese market at that time.
  • 20122012

    The first generation of vertical wall printers was successfully developed in Hefei, China.
  • 20132013

    DXonJet founder established a research and development center in Nanjing, China, to develop a new generation of vertical wall printers, and successfully launched the new model in the market that same year.
  • 20142014

    Due to the lack of basic stability, the vertical wall printer that used a hot foam printing nozzle was unable to stably print large images, which caused great inconvenience to customers. The founder of DXonJet decided not to continue promoting this printer to the market.
  • 20152015

    DXonJet founder always pays attention to the cutting-edge technology of printing heads. He began to try using Epson piezoelectric print heads. That year, the wall printer equipped with Epson piezoelectric print head model XT800 and water-based ink completed the test.
  • 20162016

    The water-based vertical wall printer equipped with Epson XP600 model micro piezoelectric printhead has completed testing and been launched into the market.
  • 20172017

    The development of a vertical wall printer with a tripod structure is successful and pushed to the market.
  • 20182018

    Vertical wall printer for horizontal orbit system architecture development completed and launched to the market
  • 20192019

    The development of the wheeled system wall printer is completed and pushed into the market. The UV printer equipped with an Epson DX7 print head is developed and pushed into overseas markets.
  • 20202020

    Impacted by the CoVid19 pandemic, DXonJet began seriously considering the form of the next generation of wall printers.
  • 20212021

    The pandemic is gradually disappearing, and the DXonJet team has achieved sales performance of 190 units. The cumulative number of overseas clients has exceeded 400.
  • 20222022

    The DXonJet team has started designing and developing the next generation of vertical wall printers, VPJet4.0 and VPJet5.0.
  • 20232023

    VPJet4.0 UV vertical wall printer has been developed and pushed to overseas markets. VPJet5.0, a vertical printer equipped with RICOH print heads, has made significant progress.