Customer Care

Work with us, make your wall printing business success ! -Training, technical support, Designing service

DXonJet consistently upholds the service concept of "customer first" and has provided services to over 500 global clients for many years. The company has established a distributor system and gained an excellent reputation worldwide. 

We firmly believe that delivery is not the end of service, but the true beginning. Moreover, we believe that only with our comprehensive and effective training and after-sales service system, can customers achieve success in the wall printing business. 

We strive to provide comprehensive training to every partnership and customer.

  1. On-site training
  2. Remote Video Training Via WhatsApp Video Call
  3. Abundant Video Tutorials
  4. Comprehensive Product User Manual (multilingual version)
  5. The training process consisting of up to 13 steps covers topics such as machine structure comprehension, installation and disassembly, software usage, color printing techniques, and more.

Provide timely and effective technical support services.

  1. Remote video troubleshooting
  2. Troubleshooting Printer Issues through Remote Control
  3. Remote control printer appointment for after-sales support, with service regardless of time zone.
  4. During the warranty period, any components within the warranty scope will be replaced free of charge.
  5. We offer factory repair services for components and commit to completing repairs and shipping them out within one week at   the most.

Graphic Design Services

  1. Offer a library of more than 5000 high-quality images and is constantly updated.
  2. offer compensated graphic design services.