1What is vertical wall printer?
The wall printing machine is a revolutionary technology that allows for the direct printing of designs and images onto walls. It eliminates the need for traditional paint or wallpaper, providing a more efficient and customizable solution for interior decorators and homeowners. This innovative device utilizes advanced software and high-quality ink to create stunning and intricate designs on any wall surface, transforming living spaces into works of art.
2How does the vertical wall printer work?
The vertical wall printer uses a piezoelectric inkjet printhead to spray UV-curable ink onto the wall according to the demand. Subsequently, the UV curing lamp dries the ink, completing the process of curing the ink. This process can be completed in a short time. During the printing process, set the horizontal wheels or tracks to move leftward, and allow the printhead component to move up and down, enabling it to spray large-format images on the wall.
3What is the package with the printer?
Standard vertical wall printer solution, which includes:
- 2.32 meters printer height (Printer platform 12.2cm+ 110cm+110cm (Y axis vertical track)
- 5 meters belts
- 2× UV Lamps with temperature-controlling system
- 1× Pump and cleaning motor kit
- 1X Epson DX7 170 model print head
- 5× Ink tanks(180ml) with ink low-level alarm system
- Inbuilt 13.3 inches 8G ROM, SSD 256G Touch Screen PC, with DxonJet Control Software and Main Top RIP Software(including ICC Profiles)
- One set of tools for installing and disassembling
- Spare parts: 1× Damper; *4 Cables; One set of fiber cables; 2* Ink tanks; 1*pump motor; One set of screws
- Remote training by video call, Or 3 days of On-site Training in China (Optional)
-12 months warranty and technical support
4How could the vertical wall printer print 3D image on the wall?
The wall printer uses UV-curing ink, which theoretically can only print two-dimensional images. However, by incorporating image design, adding frames and shadows, the image appears to have a three-dimensional effect on the wall.
In addition, since UV-curing ink does not dissolve in the material, if the amount of white ink in the same area can be continuously increased, the image in that area will form a raised texture. We can call it a three-dimensional or 2.5D image."
5What type of ink does the wall printer use?
The VPJet series printers use UV-curable inks that are imported from the United States under the brand name Nazdar. Through practical use, we have verified that these inks have excellent quality and are also very user-friendly, as they are less prone to nozzle clogging issues. As is commonly said in the inkjet printing field, high-quality inks serve as the best protectants for the printer's nozzles.
6What kind of image can the wall printer use to print?
VPJet wall printer adopts professional RIP software, which is compatible with multiple image formats such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, etc. We recommend clients to use high-quality images for printing, with a resolution of usually 200dpi to 300dpi as the most suitable. These high-quality images can be obtained through professional digital cameras or directly created by Photoshop software.
7What is the lifetime of a vertical wall printer?
The manufacturing philosophy of DxonJet is: We build machines that print, we are not in the business of manufacturing spare parts.
The VPJet series of vertical printers uses high-quality and reliable components that can be used for long periods of time without the need for replacement parts. Only consumables such as ink, print heads, ink tubes, and ink cartridges need to be replaced regularly.
8What are the consumables for the vertical wall printer?
The consumables of the vertical inkjet wall printer are ink, print heads, dampers, ink tubes, ink tanks, pump caps, etc...
9How to maintenance the vertical wall printer?
Maintaining a vertical inkjet printer is very simple. It only requires regular maintenance of the print head and UV lamp surface.
It is necessary to regularly wipe off the dust and ink from the surface of the UV lamp to ensure that the UV lamp can emit the maximum power.
The principle of maintaining the print head is to keep the inside of the print head moist, because if the ink inside the print head does not flow for a long time, it will block the print head after drying. Therefore, regularly replacing the old ink inside the print head with fresh ink can keep the print head in the best condition.
These maintenance processes can be completed through software and are very simple. The entire process takes less than a minute.
It is incorrect to use washing and moisturizing fluids to regularly maintain the nozzle. Washing fluid can only be used to clean clogged nozzles, and moisturizing fluid is only recommended for brand new and unused ink nozzles. Based on our experience, the best nozzle cleaning fluid is high-quality ink. Please do not forget this.
10What is the size of prints the VPJet wall printer can print?
The standard height of the VPJet series vertical printer is 232cm, capable of printing images up to a height of 196cm. By adding a vertical extension pole, the height can be increased by 100cm, enabling the printing of images up to a height of 296cm.
For printing large format images, particularly those with significant height dimensions, stability of the printer is an important issue. When the printer head exceeds a height of 230cm, the body of the printer may start to shake. As a result, we have reinforced the support pole of the VPJet printer and utilized a single aluminum plate as its base, weighing 23kg. After testing, the VPJet printer shows no shaking when printing images up to a height of 300cm.
11The vertical wall printer made in China is not reliable?
As a manufacturer of vertical wall printers in China, I feel deeply guilty about this issue. The DXonJet team has been rooted in the vertical printer market for over 10 years and is very familiar with this market. Currently, only one German company and no more than 8 Chinese companies are producing vertical wall printers. I have objections to the claim that Chinese-produced vertical wall printers are unreliable. My response is that the majority of Chinese-produced vertical wall printers are indeed very unreliable. Their design, manufacturing, debugging, and after-sales service are all extremely unprofessional. Therefore, they can cause a lot of trouble for customers. The DXonJet team has always focused on the field of wall printers and has gained a good reputation in the market, winning the favor of many distributors. If you are interested in this topic, you can schedule a Zoom video conference on the homepage of our website, and I will explain this issue to you.
12How to setup VPJet vertical wall printer?
The installation and dismantling of the VPJet vertical printer are extremely easy, requiring only a screwdriver to complete.
You can watch the video below for more information. Installation Tutorial
13Can the VPJet wall printer print on the uneven floor and wall?
Yes, the VPJet series printers are capable of printing on uneven walls. To accommodate uneven walls, the printer head is able to extend and retract up to 10 centimeters. By utilizing a horizontal track for adjustment, the printer can maintain its level position to accommodate uneven surfaces.
14What materials and substrates does the VPJet wall printer can print?
Thanks to the high-quality UV ink we use and the design of our VPJet vertical wall printer with dual UV lamps, it is possible to print on almost any surface material. These include plaster, wallpaper, wood, brick, latex paint, stone, clinker, plastic, metal, glass, and most tiles.
15How's the speed of printing?
The VPJet wall printer has the capability to print with varying resolutions and speed, including 4, 6, 8, 12, and 16 passes. Its maximum printing speed can attain up to 3 square meters an hour.
16How to remove a wall print again?
After painting the wall 2-3 times, the pattern will be covered, and then it can be reprinted. Use a scraper to remove patterns from glass and metal. Polishing can remove patterns from wood.
17How to order the VPJet wall printer?
Please contact our sales representative: dxonjet@gmail.com
You will have a price list with different packages. Our sales representative will help you to understand each of them, you can have a video meeting or a phone call with them. And then they will issue the Pro-forma invoice.
18What is the payment terms?
Payment terms:
Bank transfer(T/T), 30% deposit, and 70% balance before shipping.
Or you can pay via Alibaba, and you will have the platform guarantee.
19How to deliver the printer, lead time and cost?
We can ship the printer worldwide. Transportation can be by sea, air, train, or land.
Please contact us for the current shipping cost, as which is unstable every week.
20Can the Government subsidize the investment of purchasing the wall printer in EU?
I am aware that in Europe, some countries provide special funds for entrepreneurial and innovative projects. You can visit the local government website for more accurate information.
21What is the voltage of the wall printer?
VPJet series wall printer supports 110v~240v voltage. We also will provide you with the local electricity plug.
22Are there any other models of wall printers with different prices?
No, we only provide the ultimate model to our customers. No need to variant many models to confuse them.
23How's the training course take place?
If you bought the wall printer from our distributor, they will train you in locally.
If you bought it from China factory, our team will train you via WhatsApp video.
You will also have the manual, comprehensive video tutorials.
24How's the after-sales technical support?
You will have lifelong technical support from our engineering team. There are no extra fees for extended technical services.
The best way to provide you with technical support is via WhatsApp, you can have a video call with our engineer to troubleshoot the issue quickly.
You can also apply for the Ticketing & Support on the website. Our engineer will contact you via Email and WhatsApp in 12 hours.
25What is the warranty terms?
We provide you with 12 month warranty since you receive the printer. Please check the terms of warranty: Manufacturer Warranty
26What is the weight of the VPJet series wall printer?
The overall weight of the VPJet vertical printer is about 90 kilograms, and if the 5 tracks applicable to the ground are included, the weight is about 120 kilograms.
Thanks to the ingenious minds of industrial designers, this machine can be easily dismantled, leaving only 5 parts for convenient transportation. The heaviest part weighs less than 25 kilograms.
27How many square meters can one set of ink print?
According to our experience, ink can be used for both printing and maintaining printers. A set of ink can roughly print an image of 200 square meters.
28What is the cost to print one square meter?
Based on our practical experience of use, along with the ink consumed during maintenance testing, the cost of printing one square meter of ink is approximately $2.
29Is the printed image durable? Which means waterproof, UV-resistant and scratch-resistant?
According to the ink we have used, we guarantee a minimum lifespan of 10 years on indoor walls. It can be used for at least 3 years outdoors, and if coated with UV coating, it can be extended to 5 years. Our ink is highly water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and UV-resistant.
30What are the software?
The VPJet UV wall printer are using two software. RIP software and control software.
RIP software: MainTop RIP software or FlexiPrint RIP software
Control software: DXonJet GUI software
31How's the VPJet wall printer operated?
You have two ways to control the VPJet wall printer.
The inbuilt computer with all the software which can control the printer to print.
The other way is that you can use your tablet, laptop or PC to wireless connect to it to control it.
32How do I order accessories and spare parts in the future?
You can fill out the forms of purchase order on the website to order spare parts or accessories. Or just contact your sales representative to place an order.

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