FlexiPrint RIP-The Best selling RIP Software in The World, Made in The U.S.

The FlexiPrint RIP software converts each pixel of an image into accurate data values using efficient and intelligent algorithms. It then generates data files that are executed by the DXonJet GUI software.

It is a great honor for DXonJet to collaborate with the world's top-selling RIP software company, SAi of the United States, to provide FlexiPrint RIP software for the VPJet series of vertical printers.

FlexiPrint RIP has a new intelligent dot algorithm, combined with the Ricoh printing head's 4-level grayscale capability, which will greatly enhance the image details and transitions. In addition, it has the ability to adjust the chromaticity of professional ICC characteristic files, which can effectively use the printer's color gamut and produce more saturated and vivid images.

Furthermore, the user interface of PhotoPrint provides a better user experience and a higher RIPing efficiency.

MainTop RIP-The Most Popular RIP Software Made in China

MainTop RIP is the best selling RIP Software made in China, it is permanent free along with our printers.

By correcting the ICC profile, the MainTop RIP is able to restore the vivid prints on the wall. It's cheap yet permanent use for all of the applications. The engineer of MainTop is ready to help customers to correct any of their issues through remotely support.